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B o o k s   &   P u b l i c a t i o n s
        The Lost Cent
a drawn book with a cent and a hole
Included are a short story by Charles Baudelaire, 'The Counterfeited Coin' and a conversation about the cent by Serge Onnen and Olav Velthuis
140 x 195 mm 384 pages
special gold edition with gold plated cent! (50 copies only) 50€
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The Last Cent

edition of 750
ISBN 9789078454892
published by ONOMATOPEE
Graphic design by Arthur Roeloffzen
Made possible with grant from the Mondriaan Foundation
The Lost Cent drawings at onomatopee artspace →

Everything of value is defenseless.* But what if a defenseless being is worthless? Like a cent. With less face value then its production cost, it could be the perfect object to raise questions about value. A valueless being; number 1, but a loser. It becomes problematic and unwanted. A homeless coin. A void that is not missed. Famous around the world, it came back in many European countries with the introduction of the euro but failed dramatically. The cent is the least popular coin in any monetary world. It is alien in many countries. This valueless being circulates with difficulty. Picking up a cent from the pavement is not something you are supposed to do. Tipping someone a cent is an insult. Gambling with a cent is a joke. It plays the same game by different rules. Avoided like a virus, the cent is the interface to worthlessness. Its economic worthlessness liberates it from responsibility. Nobody cares about a cent. Like all our measures, currency is another convention we all depend on to run our world. A kilo is a kilo; an hour is an hour and a meter a meter. But while moving from place to place these realities lose meaning, volume and of course value. While currency is the fastest and most mobile of all man made conventions it's value and meaning is always unstable and thus in jeopardy. Banks are like filters pretending to control this. Filters exist in many forms. Filters hold small things or let them through: Coffee filters hold back coffee grounds, walls filter sound, security cameras filter suspicious elements, human bodies filter air, liquids and food, hospitals filter diseases and banks filter money. Hygiene and precision are crucial during these processes and measurements. Control of measurements is essential. The last cent embodies a valuable process of filtering, measuring, distillation and fermentation. As the cent circulates between different monetary systems; from cash registers to wallets, to pockets, to the side of a couch cushion or some other dark and dusty spot; the cent gets lost and always go down.

        Gazebo Ombromanie
Serge Onnen & oorbeek

Richly laid down in a small portfolio: images and sound presenting the performance at the Vondelpark, Amsterdam, named Gazebo Ombromanie. On a summer's eve in 2010 a grandiose show of shadows and puppets accompanied by a sundry selection of instruments was staged in the 19th century bandstand. This booklet (48 pages) plus DVD give an impression in still and moving images. Including a sound recording (by Oorbeek) and footage originally shot on 16mm, super-8 and HD movies. Booklet designed, edited and produced by Serge Onnen and printed at 'De Stencilkelder'. Very limited edition, all copies numbered.

price 35 €
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        Drawings on Hands
Paper book with folded cardboard cover and elastic cord
140 pages, black and white offset, 8" x 9.5"
edition of 1500
ISBN 978-0-9799188-8-9
Release date: Fall 2010

A left hand draws a self portrait on a sheet of paper. The hand leaves the room. Another hand picks up the drawing and looks at it. "Why can't I do this?" This is an extremely jealous hand, and he crushes the drawing. Then he walks toward a hand mirror, opens himself and pushes very hard against his cold reflection. He takes a few steps back and stares at the print made by his heat until it slowly vanishes.

Drawings On Hands is number four in an ongoing series of books on drawings. The hand as a stamp, a model, a stencil, a map, a calendar, a medical index, a relic, an indicator, a saint and a magician. Dutch/French artist Serge Onnen selected the works from historical figures to contemporary artists, as well as anonymous ephemera.

Contributors include Kinke Kooi, Hendrick Goltzius, William Kentridge, Michael Kirkham, Balthus, Raymond Pettibon, Daragh Reeves, Mrzyk & Moriceau, Serge Onnen, Marcel van Eden, Andrej Roiter, Olav Westphalen, Tarzan, Giuseppe Penone, Tamara Shopsin, Marlene Dumas, Morgan Betz, Lara de Moor, Ronald Versloot, Jonas Ohlsson, Guisepe Penone, Raymond Pettibon, Holger Bunk, Francis Alys, Yves Netzhammer, Frédéric Bruly Boaubré, Gerald Davis, Melody Owen, Theo Kley, Alain Sechas, Guido di Arezzo, Lucebert, Scott Harrison, Paul Klemann, Danica Phelps, Nicole Eisenman, Trenton Doyle Hancock and many more...

only 15$-12€
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        Drawings on Writing
edited by Serge Onnen
100% text 99% illegible
Paper book with folded cardboard cover and elastic cord
140 pages, black and white offset, edition of 2,000

designed by Serge Onnen & Jan Haux
publised in 2008
price $15 -12€
USA: order here
EU: order here

ISBN-10: 0979918804
ISBN-13: 978-0979918803

Of all the words one uses in a day, the handwritten ones are the most rare. Written with a pen on a small piece of paper or carved with a knife in a tree. Physically made words. Most words are made with a machine such as a laptop or a phone -- words you've never really touched. One learns to make the words by hand as a child, but very soon after that, one starts using a machine. The handwriting years come more or less to an end with the first keyboard, and like drawing it becomes an ancient act. You draw it when you can't find a photo or camera, and you handwrite it when you can't find a keyboard. When it's unreadable to the other, it becomes some kind of drawing. Readability depends on codes and conventions -- just for one person or for billions, like Chinese. This book is a silent space where the signs and words have come to a rest. Where they don't have to act by what they mean.

The index of the book is only online

Drawings/text by: Robert Walser, Andre Masson, Vincent van Gogh, Marcus Raetz, Voebe de Gruyter, Charles Vreuls, Anneliese Coste, Daragh Reeves, Benoit Plateus, Graham Gillmore, Olav Westphalen, Napoleon Bonaparte, CIA, Max Ernst, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Toadhouse, Tanja Smit, Cornelius Cardew, Alexandre Estrela, Roland Topor, FBI, Altagor, Christian Dotremont, Henri Chopin, Lily van der Stokker , Roland Barthes, Gustave Flaubert, Victor Hugo, Elmer Brown, Shakers, Juli Gudehus, Kinke Kooi, Serge Onnen, Ascii-art... and more !
        Drawings on Geology
edited by Serge Onnen
Second issue of 4 books based on on the concept 99% drawings 1% text
Bringing together a very wide range of drawings from very different sources such as science, meteorology, graffiti, manga, prehistory, architecture, advertising and art around one simple subject.

Paper book with folded cardboard cover and elastic cord
150 pages, black and white offset, edition of 2,000

designed by Serge Onnen & Sanne Beeren
publised in 2005

price $15 -12€
USA: order here
EU: order here

ISBN-10: 0-9746908-3-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-9746908-3-4

Drawings on Geology is a collection of black and white drawings based on the concept of the horizon. The drawings come from many different sources.

The horizon is easiest thing one can draw. But the horizon doesn't exist.

The index of the book is only online

Drawings by: David Shrigley, Paul Noble, Mark Dion, MVRDV, Hans Broek, Sebastiaan Bremer, Matthew Monahan, Olav Westphalen, Robert Longo, Raymond Pettibon, Leonardo DaVinci, Satoru Eguchi, Le Corbusier, Daragh Reeves, Marla Bussmann, Ellen Harvey, Alice Smit, Ben Polsky, Mathilde ter Heijne, Seurat, Paul Nassenstein, Toba Kedoori, Hannes Kater, Serge Onnen, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Aam Solleveld, Carlos Roque, Caspar David Friederich, Albrecht Dürer, Arnoud Holleman, Napoleon Bonaparte, William Wegman, Christine Rusch, Grandville, Pope Sixtus, Roy McMakin, Marc Smeets, Geert Dekkers, Ledoux, etc.
        Volume O
edited by Serge Onnen
Paper book with folded cardboard cover and elastic cord
150 pages, black and white offset, edition of 6,000
publised by zingmagazine (nr 16#)
designed by Serge Onnen
publised in 2002
Sold out !


First issue of 4 books based on on the concept 99% drawings 1% text

Bringing together a very wide range of drawings from very different sources such as science, medicine, graffiti, manga, prehistory, hairdressing, advertisment and art around one simple subject.

The index of the book is only online

Drawings by; Many anonymous artists and also Barry McGee, Donald Baechler, David Shrigley, Daragh Reeves, Elise Tak, Emmanuelle Mafille, Guy Richards Smit, Holger Bunk, Gerben Mulder, John Currin, Hannah van Bart, Lisa Yuskavage, Marlene Dumas, Mathias Grünewald, Marcos Rosales, Matthew Monahan, Maurizio Cattelan, Pam Emmerik, Raymond Pettibon, Rembrandt van Rijn, Peter Pontiac, Rita Ackermann, Robert Crumb, Ronald F. Versloot, Richard Phillips, Serge Onnen
artist book for children

6 tubes are having 6 different adventures. No text.
size; 28,5 cm x 20,5 cm
Hard cover, bound, full color, 40 pages
designed by Irma Boom & Serge Onnen
1000 copies
publised in 2006

Price 18,50€
ISBN-10: 9080971766
ISBN-13: 9789080971769
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        Zware Zakken
(Heavy Bags)
Drawings about people & bags

With a short play by Pam Emmerik in english & dutch
26 images, a photograph & a found poem
28,5 x 21,5 cm
hard cover, bound, silkscreened cover, offset duotone brown/orange

Designed by Serge Onnen & Gabriele Franziska Goetz
publised by Onnen & Bloom Gallery. 1999

ISBN: 90-804679-1-X

700 copies
15 €
special edition of 100 signed & numbered with lithography
(printed by Marcel Kalksma) 160€
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        Close Co.
15 drawings about the relationship between men & clothes

16,5 x 23,5 cm
soft cover, sewn bound, 14 images, offset duo-tone
Designed & signed by Serge Onnen
publised by Onnen & Bloom Gallery 1996
500 copies
7€ - $7
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More information on oorbeek, can be found on
you can also download some fine tunes here and find lots of movies on you tube.

Artwork by Serge Onnen
Fijn Lawaai Ding 03

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