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The Lost Cent

Graphic novel with a cent and a hole about the least wanted money. Everything of value is defenseless. But what if a defenseless being is worthless? Like a cent. With less face value then its production cost, it could be the perfect object to raise questions about value. A valueless being; number 1, but a loser. It becomes problematic and unwanted. A homeless coin. A void that is not missed.

Short story by Charles Baudelaire, 'The Counterfeited Coin' and a conversation about the cent by Serge Onnen and Olav Velthuis

Published by Onomatopee
140 x 195 mm 384 pages
edition of 750

Standard edition: € 20

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Special numbered and signed edition with gold plated cent (50 copies only): 50€

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Netherlands € 6,50
EU € 10
World € 19

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